Saturday, March 15, 2014


Excuse me Paul and Stevie but that refers to my lunch.

Some years back in the same restaurant in Bad Godesberg, I writhed in gastronomic envy at an Australian colleague's black-and-white noodles with salmon and cream while at the same putting on a brave facade of fake contentment on my mistake of a spinach and cheese ravioli. 

That was some itch that took a long time to scratch.

My immense gratitude to the soft-spoken Dr. Bernhard Hoeper of Welthungerhilfe who made this sweet vengeance possible.

And I thank Lando and Heidee too for the interesting coffee-flavored wine --- sublime with cheese but surprisingly compatible with Lapid's chicharon --- and the final noodle dinner from a Chinese deli that somewhat made the hassle of attending a week of frustrating convention cha-cha worth it.

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