Tuesday, January 02, 2018


Between Christmas and New Year's Day are 6 days and on the sixth of these days, I should be submitting a final report that as of Christmas Eve stood at 70 percent completed with two partners' reports in except for two case studies, one big report and two smaller ones being chased, and a colleague in Bangkok churning out the financials from OPAL. 

In other words, redeeming my Mabuhay Miles points with a Bangkok trip with the wife between the holidays popped out like a sweet dream punctured by a nightmare and I can't go anywhere either as I have been crucified in my lap top until deliverance through the submission of the remaining narratives from the field and the draft spreadsheet from Bangkok.

But first there was Christmas which is happy wedge of cheesecake between two hard slabs of stale fruitcake and we did have a Christmas cake presented by friends, brunched on noche buena left-overs that was our sole Christmas meal and got a high from the sweet aroma of chocolate cookies Bulan baked for the holidays.

And on the first of the 6 days between holidays
a partner sent a final reviewed report
an Auditor said he will send a bid
Jakarta emailed a reclassification request
and I was still hungover from last night.

On the second of the 6 days between holidays
Bangkok finally responded from India
a draft financial report was conjured
I got the last regional case study
consolidation and editing in full swing.

On the third of the 6 days between holidays
someone responded for somebody on vacation
four briefs were sent for sign-off
I got started with the UP narratives
we conferred the 19th-30th degrees.  

On the fourth of the 6 days between holidays
the donor okayed another extension
somebody took over from someone
still no word from Jakarta and Bangkok
tested some whiskey from S&R in Pampanga. 

On the fifth of the 6 days between holidays
Jakarta finally sent a report
Bangkok responded through Facebook
I attended an official EJK commemoration
drank cheap brandy at another party.

And on the sixth of the 6 days between holidays
Lotus Notes went on holiday
the 31st has been moved to January
so I went for my 3rd ride of the week...

...and prayed my thanks in a Monastery.

Then came the first day of the New Year so we cooked all the the remaining spaghetti packs, packed all uneaten holiday junk and hired a van to Pangasinan where we I got reunited with my younger sister and her clan.

They had fake waves and clumsy slide rides while I nursed my wine [Australian, Chilean, French in that order] with grilled and ceviche-d Bonuan bangus and blanched oysters because the pigar-pigar will only be available for dinner.   

It was the 7th day after the 6 days between holidays so here's to 2018 and the health of the Cardinal Pope! 

Monday, December 25, 2017

THE WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS [with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore]

'Twas the week before Christmas, when through the house
Not a shrimp in the email but a bunch of bananas;
The Skype hummed with versions of the English,
Soon, a new company ID is forthcoming…

Out from the inbox clattered Working Group 1,
To meet face-to-face or not is the question.
Best and good practices from Lotus Notes sprang,
One report conjured but a lot more cooking somewhere…

With that Tagaytay came and went quick like night,
A 3-day vacation forfeited for an almighty ToR.
Finally, a disbursement that cleared an overcast plan,
To Jakarta on February for a regional workshop…

And then in a twinkling, Reports 3/4 came from Behind
The prancing of a Word version from Neverland.
But still GRAISEA and the NAPs seems poles apart,
I’ve never felt so alone and cranky but spunky…

A Google Drive and invoices sprang like roses,
MRLG came in with climate change 2020.
That jolly Dutchman looped me into the grid,
Enough for me to know I had nothing to dread…

I went home drunk with a half a sack of rice,
One last email and a text message to send.
“Twas the day before Christmas and we got a cake too,

Monday, December 18, 2017


the day I received the first draft report is the night our group topped the 2017 Christmas Games and I won the Grand Raffle Prize

it was also the night I Grabbed to a familiar haunt with old friends, and that darkness before "discovering" the Food Truck in Kamuning and tomorrow's breakfast of Filipino pandesal from the Kamuning Bakery  

the day I wrestled in thickening a thin report is the night I watched a free movie at the Yard Street Food Cinema while tempting myself with pasta from the Mafia

it was also the night I walked to the Tuna King Asian Restaurant for a sisig, and the darkness before tomorrow's pandesal from the Pantoja Bakery

the day I practically rewrote the report is our 20th wedding year, the morning Bulan and me hit the trails after a long while, the afternoon that Balong came home with a tug-of-war silver medal, and the night we dined on green leaves and drank urine-gold Chardonnay  

the day the report was almost done is when Riza came in for the case study and the night before tomorrow's Convention where DenCun the Jedi took the floor, which is also the day for tomorrow's District party where we feasted on Jedi food and whiskey as I let the reports simmer in a consultancy requisition from the Galactic Empire while reciting spells from the Book of Luke that will charm the next Jedis into delivering less traumatic reports