Monday, June 19, 2017

UP, UP and Away!

Don't go to SM when there's a sale.

I did, in QC and Cabanatuan City, and ended up with a gray Bobson V-neck shirt [less 50%], a Levi's 501 jeans [less 30%], two Spoofs t-shirts [buy one-take one]a gray Dickie's long sleeved shirt [70% off] and a black Men's Club long sleeved shirt [50% off].

I brought them all and went to Bangkok to wear them.

Did I get the best part of the deal or fell into the alluring trap of capitalist consumption economy?

I'm sure the stores won't sell for a lose so I've been had like many, and was therefore extremely agitated upon realizing how much those retailers are sucking from us on regular store days.

By then, I was already in Bangkok wearing my unwashed "bargain" clothes so I tried moving on from my being a sucker through my favorite Thai beers [the only Thai brands known to me] and dining somewhere [fried catfish and grilled pork neck at Charlie Brown's] other than the usual place, before going back to the usual place for the next three nights [papaya salad with grilled pork, two kinds of Thai salad, grilled and steamed ruby fish, two kinds of Thai soup, and some shells].

Derk said I was looking good and that perked me UP [must be the new clothes], and the Asia campaign finally got UP running [must be that Team dinner].

Chatrium is a great place but no matter how its greatness is, it becomes boring when you can forecast the breakfast buffet menu.

I thought I need to even things UP by levelling UP my acquaintance with both ends [from Naradhiwat Rajanagarindra Road to Sathu Pradit Road] of Naradhiwas Rajanakarindra 24 Alley, and that's where I met UP with an animal cafe, two vintage cars, a bicycle rickshaw, and a strip of a breakfast food street.

Amen [SMIB]!     

Monday, June 12, 2017


Mayo nang humayo ang panganay mula sa Iloilo
Martes niya naisuot guwantes at sumabay sa aking pagtalilis

Huwebes dinalaw ng mga bakasyonista ang nasa Constancio
Nananghali ng pizza, pasta, ensalada at manok na prito

Biyernes nang isinop ni Bunso ang kanyang mga libro
Mga gulanit na tropeo ng kanyang tagumpay sa CLSU

Sabado ko muling naisuot ang lilang tapis at hiyas
Matapos ang bakasyon noong Huwebes at Biyernes
Na susundan ng isa pang yugto sa Lunes at Martes

Monday, June 05, 2017

MANILA BY BIKE (Special Edition)

How do I kill a Sunday? Let me count the ways.
I'll ride to the height of the monument in Luneta

Watch a Dragon Boat vanish in Manila Bay
String the broken ends of the walls of Intramuros
Make love before Charles IV in Plaza de Roma
Break the quite of Fort Santiago and the mass at San Agustin
Love them bamboo bikes, light and spry rides for hire

I love the Pasig despite its fetidness and lifeless waters 
I love Binondo and all its peculiar smells and sights
I grieve for the lose of my childhood's Escolta

I'll ride to those who were lost forever
Them heroes and famous people in cold fancy tombs
Presidents, Katipuneros, Masons, Artists, Colonizers
In Cementerio del Norte they all lay dead.  

--- With profound apologies to ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNING