Monday, December 11, 2017


lap top at skype, skype at lap top


Lotus invites na nagsasalimbayan


mga email na naligaw sa sansinukob


ang misteryo at mga kulay ng OPAL

kaya mabuhay ang nakaimbento ng bisikleta
ang tangi kong tungkod at pampagana!

kaya kinailangang umakyat sa Baguio noong Sabado
nagsuot ng amerikana at nagpanggap na amerikano!

Monday, December 04, 2017


Agung in Ilocano means "nose" 

and that volcanic snout, all snores in more than 50 years, got stuffed with hay fever magma and finally sneezed out loud as I was about to enplane for a Bali workshop with several kilometers saved in advance to counter a much anticipated Bali Hai spree   

Ugong in Filipino means "sound"

and the eruption resounded in both the Denpasar and Manila airports, so deafening it cancelled PR 537 and a 2-night booking at the Swiss-Belhotel Segara Resort and Spa, so I sought comfort with an insanely priced coffee at Starbucks and an array of Filipino kebab at IBP 

Nabali in English means "broken"

as in my first trip to Bali disrupted, my wanderlust interrupted, kaput, fly another day which is maybe next year, which could be more Jakarta than Bali, perhaps Lombok, although the good side is I was able to attend one important meeting and got my Christmas gift too

And Sundays are for bike rides

this one to atone for a missed college fraternity reunion, for  two more stickers after paying for an insanely priced coffee and cake, and a liter of Johnny Walker Black during an extension tournament of the 2017 Bowling Games

Monday, November 20, 2017


840 calories from a post-birthday session easily burned in 64.3 kms of biking in Guimba and Munoz.

400 calories from a fellowship effortlessly spent in 19 kilometers of Cubao's concrete jungle.

1,650 calories from another birthday party and a convention almost obliterated by 39 kilometers of cruising through Talavera.

I therefore conclude that drinking is the best inspiration for biking.