Monday, October 16, 2017


bananas, coffee, and maize
the people's choice of value chains 
rice, palm oil, and shrimps
the rich man said we should engage

so I took off with my bike, went to the market, brought all the crops, and dropped these on the pavement  

why don't we just sell rice cakes
paint them in gold and purple
forget all about the vampires
who sucked the ricefields dry

there the farmers whither, people with names like Santiago, who wore hats like Katipuneros, they who don't eat cakes 

better to get lost in Binondo
drown in dimsum and spring rolls
dream of winning the lotto
quit and just go loco

because emperors don't die, they wear new clothes and become angels, winged but nude and neutered  

Monday, October 09, 2017

HAI[na]KU 5 & 6

1.4.2. K.M. 
calories burned and sweated
12 beers brought it back 

whiskey on Thursday
guns and booze on Saturday
reset by Sunday

Monday, October 02, 2017


the CHATRIUM (Days 1 and 2) 
indeed decadent in buffet and palatial in rooms
pluses of an otherwise boring neighborhood
just Charlie Brown and a beer tower playing pingpong
as the Bhoman-Khunaram Temple whispered echos
while the ASEAN locked with SARC in a tango 

cavernous like the the pomp and g[l]or[y][e] of CSR
four food stations interpellating high-powered forums
like Indian creamed with gender or Thai sauteed value chains
esoteric bit coins strewn along a roadside saloon
where carcasses got hanged, chopped and devoured

the PICNIC HOTEL (Days 4 and 5)
as layman as the chaos of eclectic Pratunam
as cool as the towering elegance of Baiyoke
cold beer, grilled meat and the bounty of the sea
sustenance in between PSC, SIDA and UNDP
a great view overshadowed by a lousy breakfast