Monday, May 14, 2018


I like my room at a steady 21 degrees, and I like it even better when my ube-flavored taho chills in a 21-degree al fresco restaurant at what has become of Burnham Park, our place at a steady 21 degrees without air conditioning even at midday which ancient Inn Rocio is and should be, and the cheap wine transformed into a Chateau Giscours by the snippy 21-degree midnight air of sterile Crown Legacy Hotel which is as ruthless as my anxiety [reluctance] on being anointed as a DDGRP.     

Baguio is as Baguio as it can be but where else to go that we have not been and what else to do that has not been done, like perhaps taking a photo with ET in the absurd Cordi habiliments offered by Tam-awan that have lost its soul, or maybe an encounter with the Lourdes Grotto after an eternity of chasing my mother's black-and-white photo of a devout Adventist posing with the most damning evidence of the Catholic church's wanton violation of Commandments 3 and 4, or running after the headless Dominican priest and screaming babies of the old and haunted Diplomat Hotel, and then of course an insane P399/person buffet at the Korean Barbecue Palace where we went Gangnam Style, all in a day where intermittent rains nailed the temperature at an even 21 degrees.     

We went home smelling of Inn Rocio and a burp of Korean meats that baked in the Science City of Munoz's 41 degrees of hell, visitations and Amaranthine education kneaded with a Christmas party and a convention, vowing to get this year's work done in utmost simplicity and without the competition that transformed Honored Ladies into ruthless mercenaries of made-up reports and tarpaulined credit-grabbers, all for the sake of meaningless and hollow plaques, to which Inihaws made us chew on grilled pork, chicken, bangus and eggplants.  

My room in Panay Avenue starts at 19 degrees and ends on 25 but the Five Star bus went on a steady 21 while the tricycle got lost between Sta. Arcadia and Villa Ofelia where painted ladies crooned to be taken on a Friday night, waking up to a Saturday morning caucus and going home late from a murderous raising, all before Sunday's liquor ban went to effect which we toasted with whiskey, brandy, wine and beer in a videoke room running at full 21 degrees...      

Monday, May 07, 2018


karakarakang humabol na gobernador na hindi man lang nagpaalam.

"e kanino pa ba magmamana 'yan?" ang sabi ng Nanay ni Bulan.

ang gintong kinain ng kalabaw ay taeng dinutdut sa kubeta ng ospital.

"alas otso ng linggo ang binyag" ang habilin ni Pare Darwin. 

ang pungay ni Kuya Roem ang nagtanim ng mikrobyo sa mata ni Kuya Ruel

madaming lasing sa Baloc tuwing unang Sabado ng buwan.

nakakatakot ang dahilan ng aming pag-akyat sa Baguio n'ung Linggo

ayoko na sana pero bakit parang wala akong magawa? 

Monday, April 30, 2018

ANCOM 2018

sa Davao ko huling isinuot ang Lilang Apron
du'n ko unang nakita si Pantaleon
 at nadinig magmura si Digong

sa Davao ko huling nakasama ang mga Ginoo
du'n ko natuklas ang lihim ng mga Guro
at itinabi ang tapis at hiyas sa baul 

mga dighay ng tuna belly, balaybay at bihud
pasalubong sa nagbalik mula Saigon
mga tanda ng nagdaang ANCOM