Monday, February 12, 2018

SHOOTING CHURCHES (in Jakarta), EATING NOODLES (in Jakarta and Bangkok)

First I got tired of them noodles then ran out of old churches to frame, so I did random with my camera until that day in Jakarta, after the Big Bird got lost in the heavy rain that soaked the streets outside the Aryaduta.

The target was Monas and Immanuel Church was just accidental, built by the Lutherans of Batavia and one of the oldest christian churches in Indonesia, once a jewel of colonial Weltevreden District [now Central Jakarta) just across the imperial Koningsplein [now the square known as Merdeka]. 

The jackpot was the Gereja Cathedral Jakarta near MoFA, built from the residence of a General de Cock, dedicated to St. Mary of the Assumption and inaugurated by Edmundus Sybrandus Luypen who is a Jesuit monsignor, challenged [but not eclipsed] across the street by the huge Sunni Masjid Istiqlal.  

That is how I got back into shooting churches which of course is required to be paired with a bowl of noodles, curried yellow and chillied red as ordered by Wiwid, the night the "CSO BHR Caucus" dined with presidents.

We came to discourse on business and human rights, Art and Adi leading while I squeezed in a glimpse of barbed Monas and the Soviet-made Tugu Tani bronze amidst a sea of Grab motorbikes.  

L got lost and T kept talking on our last night in Jakarta, oxtail stewed in Bintang bridging the craft beer-marinated chips and chicken wings in Bangkok.

How do we solve the riddle of 2,043 billionaires wallowing on the fat of the land while 1.3 billion people almost have nothing to eat? Cargill reported a $2.8 billion net income in 2017 but did it actually helped the world thrive by paying the right taxes? Why should men get paid 20 percent more than women? 

The world definitely needs evening up and we need to even things up among ourselves to get the work going, like throwing out "engaged" and "focal" to get "one O" working, melding campaigns into programs to have just one pot cooking, and reinventing a sign-off process that usually gets us puking.  

I've been travelling to Bangkok so much that WAT-ching and Noodling Thailand has become boring stuff, Walking Bangkok and eating-anything-except-noodles is now the diamond polished from the rough, although sometimes I partake of Chatrium's breakfast noodle especially when I have the cough, that small bowl of batchoy greens and rice noodles and chicken balls that make me fart and laugh.   

Monday, February 05, 2018


Chang, Singha and Leo
in Chatrium there is a trio

free shuttles to Asiatique
boring Wednesday got me ticked

river prawns and fried scorpions
durian shake with roti to go 

shopkeepers in hide and seek
shoppers gawking at souvenirs

to Chao Phraya I retreat
had a Chang for a treat

what made Asitique tick
are the people that it tricked

Monday, January 29, 2018


Monday started fine
layers of blue, white and green
Amorsolo lives 

charred wings and braised beef
shitty Wednesday unmasked
milkfish drowned in beer

life popped through email
bureaucrats and murderers
solace in the trail  

gin tonic for lunch
heels cooling off in the lounge
Bangkok here I come