Sunday, August 28, 2011


Pasensiya na mga komrad kung hindi ako nakadalo

Kailangan ko kasing makipaglibing sa isang tropang tinawag na ni Lord

At tumulong sa pagbuno sa mga internal rules ng isang organisasyon

Na natuloy sa inuman dahil nga sa sama ng panahon

Kaya ang 40-anyos na katawang lupa ay dumeretso sa tulog

Lalo pa't hindi na sa akin ang mga gabi ng Biyernes, Sabado, at Linggo

Kaya hindi porke't wala ako kayo'y nagtampo at nalungkot

Kayo naman ang mga tunay na bida at hindi ako

Kaya ang MASP sa CLSU ay umabot sa edad dalawampu...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Memory demands an image." --- Bertrand Russel

"Amateurs worry about equipment
professionals worry about time
masters worry about light."
--- Unknown

"Photography is the mastery of light." --- Fred Serrano

FOOTNOTE: Quotable quotes for the participants of the Philippine Carabao Center's First Photojournalism Workshop for its information officers. All images downloaded from Google.

Thursday, August 04, 2011


"Bukas madaling araw na lang ako aakyat ng Baguio boss. Two hours lang naman travel time from Nueva Ecija."


I left home at 4 am, took a 15 minute jeep ride to San Jose City where I waited 1:30 hours for a Baguio-bound bus that never came, before finally deciding on a jeep ride to Umingan, where I took another for Rosales, which cost me another 1:30 hours. 

Then an hour in Carmen for a hurried Jollibee breakfast and bus-waiting, the 2-hour ride to Baguio in a Genesis bus that picked every hailing passenger along the way, and the last 15-minutes in a taxi to the Pine Breeze Cottages.

Total travel time from Munoz to Baguio City: 5:30 hours. And it rained the whole 2 days I was there...    

Monday, August 01, 2011


Puerto Prinsesa to Manila: 1 hour.

NAIA Terminal 3 to Quezon City: 1:45 hours.

Naic to Quezon City via Dasmarinas and Bacoor: 4 hours.

The good thing is I finally got to shoot Naic's circa 1700s church just before "... the rain came down and the floods came out". A nasty cut got my Kumpare Eboy in the leg as we transferred tricycles in a bridge being repaired. The rain was unforgiving but the tinapa did got a golden color after being steamed, wind dried, and soaked for an hour in the smoke drum.

It was almost 7 pm when we hit Roxas Boulevard.

"Kain tayo sa Binondo".


That's how we ended at the Ying Ying Tea House Restaurant for a pansit dinner. That's how I was not able to get home as we ended our journey at a place called Prestige along Quezon Avenue...