Monday, March 10, 2014


Almost not in fact as I was not really sure if I am still included in the credentials, considering the omens that haunted AK's Balai Casa Isabel summit, the departure of Dess to pursue higher learning in Germany, and the disturbing silence from those who have the power to omit and include, which even the assurance of Usec Fred's endorsement was not able to totally allay but was finally absolved by an email from Pebbles' confirming my confirmation while I explore the familiar confines of the zum Adler's tiny rooms in Bad Godesberg, and finally indulging myself to a late lunch of a huge mozzarella-and-tomato pizza whose sheer size extended itself as dinner fare, so much that Jasper's offer of welcome drinks with Lando in the old city was rejected, sleeping at 5 pm and waking at 1 am to sleep again at 3 am while watching BBC's updates on the Malaysia air crash and finally rising at 6 am, a breakfast of sorts, the usual train ride to the UN Campus sitting along the river Rhine, and wining and dining at 68-A Oberaustrasse in Mehlem where my bag of Lapid Chicharon was finally disposed, briefing the HoD on what transpired, and conspiring with the disenfranchised over glasses of German wine, before finally asking for a cab at near midnight.

Those with pink, yellow, blue, and green badges will resume their suspended session tomorrow and I wonder what button will again fall from my trove of Barong Tagalog suites.

Bonn is as Bonn-ed as ever...


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