Monday, September 28, 2015


Sintonado ang Taga Ilog ng La Solidaridad na ang tahanan sa Badoc ay malapit sa dagat at hindi sa ilog, 

Tumugma sa tono ng malaunan bilang si Bulan, ang heneral na lumaki sa Binondo na malapit sa ilog,

Siya nga ang Kapre ng rebolusyon, dahil na din marahil sa bigote, na kinamuhian ng mga Caviteno at Tagalog, 

Kaya pinaslang sa ngalan ng Artikulo Uno, kaya nagmulto sa pangkat na naiwan sa kabila ng ilog.  

Isa pang Bulan ang nagawi ng Iloilo at iniwan ang kaibigang ang ngalan ay Lupo Domingo [Quilban]. 

Ang ama niyang Ilokano ay madalas mangabayo, kasama ang Kalahating Ilokano at Anak ng Ilokano.  

May kapatid na Tagalog, na nangangamoy sukang Iloko, sa tuwing nangangabayo, kada araw ng Linggo... 

TALA BABA: Ang mapa sa taas ay nagpapakita sa unang paglalakbay ni Balong, ang kapatid na Tagalog ng mala-Ilokanong si Bulan, bilang isang ganap na siklista.

Monday, September 21, 2015


The closet commie
on plunder, God and money
to closet Christians.

Little yellow duck
working, breaking, lunching
can only say "quack!".

The bike to the bank
is like a hike to the john
linear and blunt. 

Spills beget wounds
from blood spout learning
then the world to see.

FOOTNOTE: The map above shows Week 2 of Balong's induction into mountain biking. Week 1 was on maintaining balance, Week 2 on being able to take total control of the bike. Next week will be his first road ride where he will use what he learned.

Monday, September 14, 2015


It's either road riding bores Komrad Bong or Nampicuan is too far.

So I turned to Kuya Darwin, hired a tricycle to Guimba, and scratched the year-long itch of biking to Nampicuan.

I next posted in Facebook and wished for Zaragoza.

Kuya Darwin accepted the challenge.

And that's how Nueva Ecija's District 1 was conquered. 

The dream is to ride to all the main churches of Nueva Ecija's 27 municipalities and 5 cities across it's four legislative districts.

District 2, being in my backyard, was earlier conquered unnoticed.

Only Sta. Rosa remains for District 3.

And two more rides will deliver District 4.   

Balong too earned his first mountain biking stripe as he learned to start and keep his balance. 


That's in CLSU where I first taught him to ride a semi-BMX bike a long time ago.

Which never happened again until this week.

The map above show Balong's first mountain biking route.

The short thick red line is the grounds of the University Library where he tamed Lupo Domingo Quilban.


College Boy's bike and riding gears are in good capable hands... 


Monday, September 07, 2015


Superman imbibed too much bottled green kryptonite and his nose bled from a steady assault of global EJ and Asian GROW jargon.

Overnight, he sounded like Rod Stewart and pangs of chill announced a possible meltdown for the Man of Steel.

Superman is down and must have Time Off, In Lieu of.

So he went riding his Superbike for a high of fresh kryptonite air blowing across green fields of rice, 
over half-paved roads on a sunny Wednesday and through puddles of rainwater on a balmy Thursday.

He went to church too on a downcast Friday, scoring 20 kph across 47 kms, to pray for a blessing of Holy Kryptonite and finally check Nampicuan in his biking diary.   

Then bloody Saturday, which turned out so because of an errand from Supergirl that was an hour too early, but later proved worth the bike-less day as long delayed brown kryptonite trophies were finally handed. 

And finally an indecisive Sunday, a reluctant ball game with the Justice League, escape on a borrowed blue kryptonite bike, and another church for more Holy Kryptonite.

He was able to get some head shoots too, 9 of 10 in fact, and was finally healed by an incense of burning kryptonite from blazing guns...

Wednesday, September 02, 2015


"This would be a fine biking trail," I said as the 4-wheel drive jeep bounced through our Mt. Merapi adventure ride, my millions severely diminished after 6 days, surgical masks tied and untied during pit stops at a hamlet destroyed by volcanic eruption and a quarried lava river.

"Those are are offerings for the dead," I told Rashmi who asked why cigarettes are left inside the bunker where two eruption watchers died, because of the heat and the oxygen tanks that did not work according to Mr. Bin, because they forgot to close the steel doors according to one of the drivers.    

"We called this dulang where we used to eat in white tin plates with our hands," I said as the table filled with deep fried small catfish we called bangkok in Almaguer and an assortment of smaller freshwater fish that we usually catch with a batbateng along the banks of a swollen river also in Almaguer, an unusually big broiled gurami, plates of comfortingly familiar vegetable salad, grilled ayam, fried tempe which is still alien to me, and the holy sambal whom I finally met face-to-face.   

"There must be lots of water," I said as we transferred cars for the Water Palace, to which I was dead wrong, since the place was actually a swimming pool built in the middle of a swamp for the Sultan's wives and children, overlooked by an enclosed balcony where the Sultan would watch his bathing wives and invite one or two that pleases him to his private pool where they will continue bathing naked, according again to Mr. Bin who also guided us to the old mosque and its echo walls now explored by curious tourists, then back through a tunnel, through a trio of street musicians, through the parking lot, to the bus, and to the hotel.     

Yogya is not as cosmopolitan as Jakarta but it had Prambanan, Ratu Boko, and Borobudur, and that pleased me a lot.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015


People are a given, naturally attracted to famous landmarks, especially those steeped in history and mystique. 

I can't ask them to move away so I can have a nice view and photo.

That for me is faking the moment and counter to my cardinal rule in photography of shooting it as it is.

A photographer must do and live with the moment.

So people, those hordes of tourists, become part of the composition.