Monday, April 24, 2017


42 loob ng 2.95 oras ang naikamada ko sa pagbibisikleta sa loob ng tatlong umaga.

Ang 14.9 kilometro mula 137 Panay Avenue hanggang AIM Conference Center sa Makati ay makukuha ng 44 minuto nang nakasakay sa kotse kung walang trapik. 

Samantala, ang 15.1 kilometro mula Quezon Avenue Station hanggang Ayala Station ng MRT ay makukuha ng 36 minuto at 1.1 kilometrong lakad mula SM-Ayala hanggang AIM ay nasa 15 minuto.

Samakatwid ayon sa kuwenta ni Bayang Barrios, mas mabilis makarating ng AIM mula Panay Avenue sa pamamagitan ng bisikleta [1 oras]. 

Sang-ayon dito si G. Marlon Palomo na graduate ng AIM at ilang beses nakaranas ng biyahe mula Makati hanggang PRRM na tumatagal ng 2 oras.  

Ito ang naikuwento ko sa aking mga pinipitagang IDDGM at kapwa IDGL nang magkitakita kami sa Labrador.

Kung kaya napakahirap kumuha ng Uber sa Makati. 

Monday, April 17, 2017


sinful beer, tokwa't baboy and sisig on Palm Sunday
30 kilometers of toil anointing the trail
murky soul cursed and cleansed by a Holy Monday

death unpredicted on Holy Tuesday
a foretold betrayal by Holy Wednesday
rotting corpse on an empty ricefield
decadent beer, cold leftover fish, and a bloody stew

knights ride headless horses on Maundy Thursday
priests with funny hats gather and pray
more beer, St. Peter's fish, heretic pork for a Jewish feast

week-old frozen chicken crucified on Good Friday
broken ribs soaked in boiling lentils
ducks slaughtered for the funeral banquet

to Extramuros on Black Saturday
to Parian where Comida China spawned the panciteria
in Binondo, through Sta. Cruz, into Tondo

Divisoria resurrected on Easter Sunday
who is Magdalena and where is 525 in Masangkay?
siomai and hakao and the ghosts of Escolta
112 scorching kilometers of penance 
Carriedo smells like Plaza Lacson  

Monday, April 10, 2017

HAI(na)KU 2

The laptop speaks to me
We both work from home
With my friends and bicycles

Monday, April 03, 2017


But unlike Lord Voldermort who killed people to get his seven other lives, I got my three lives after being slain by the Three Ruffians while dramatizing the murder of Hiram Abiff 8 years ago.

On April Fool's Day, the second of those horcruxes was pinned above my heart in remembrance of my days as an RP [Royal Porter, Royal Photographer, Royal Pagador whatever the case may be].

That was more than two years after receiving my first horcrux from the Men-Who-Wear-Aprons after serving time in the East, and two years before having the third and last one from Men-With-Funny-Hats should the Great Architect of the Universe permit so.   

I actually have a fourth horcrux but I'm not telling on that.




Okey, the fourth is actually halved into two for my protection and you won't be getting anymore information except that one is hidden in Panay Avenue while the other stays with me in Bacal 2.