Thursday, September 01, 2011


... a church in Bonn...

Its almost closing time and so we (i.e. me, Riza, Bernabe, Albert Magalang) were turned away from entering Schloss Drachenburg in Bonn's tourist area of Konigswinter. That saved us 9 Euros each I said, a futile attempt at getting the best of a downer, as we walked down the steep slope of the Drachenfel Mountain. I snapped this photo midway to the village where, as we were chewing on an early dinner of Turkish fast food cuisine, we bumped into the rest of the Philippine delegation to the UN climate change talks in Bonn. Today as I was preparing this post, Wikipedia tragically informed  me that I in fact missed the more famous church of St. Remigius and the nearby ruins of the Abbey of Heisterbach. And I will never get to know the church whose spire is shown in the photo.

... and a mosque in Hyderabad.

We were treated to a city tour on our last day in Hyderabad. Our overeager guide said he will be showing us the old Hyderabad, the between-old-and-new Hyderabad, and the new Hyderabad. This photo was in the old city as our leaking bus made its way to a museum somewhere beyond the maze of Indian traffic sights and sounds. I just clicked and behold, here is the only mosque I was able to shoot in an Indian city with the most Muslim population. I will never get to know the mosque's story and if it ever has a name, like I'm not really sure if I will be going back to India. But may I just mention St. Joseph's Cathedral and the many mosques and temples I missed which, just as in Konigswinter, I learned only today from Wikipedia.

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