Monday, December 05, 2016


"Breakfast in the City" which is my new Facebook biking album was somewhat inspired by a full streamer of John Arcilla endorsing a strong beer brand that gazed on me while I wait for my train ride at the MRT-Quezon Avenue Station. 

I don't know why but it did although I was tempted to shout at him "Punyeta Heneral! San Miguel ang pambansang serbesa natin! Sinverguenza!" but my biking forays did shift to breakfast tripping the next day, my biking legs taking me to Tapsi ni Vivian near the Cubao area and on the way back exploring inner streets with fancy names like Potsdam, Ermin Garcia, K-J, and K-9th for the first time.

I was enamored by a rave review on "Gourmet US Angus Beef" at Angus Tapa Centrale along 11th Jamboree corner Kamuning so I listed it for a breakfast hit only to drop my expectations in a pavement of pale strands of fat-pretending-to-be-beef paired with fried, as in OVERDONE sunny side-up, as the fried rice swim in a puddle of oil where the tapa was cooked.

At P165, that was a heist compared with the taste and price of Vivian's and I'm not going back and endorsing the place, and THAT I told old comrades when we met for Phase 2 of the Coca Cola water project.

That I also told D' Originalz (Yeb-era PhilDel) during the AMIA Exhibit hosted by the Chief ALDAB (A-daptation, L-oss and D-amage, A-griculture, B-arkada).

And to the Kuyangs who lined up to hear my story as crappy cobra-flavored brandy and cheap Chinese champagne got toasted as the first of a month-long Christmas party rolled off to a blazing start.

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