Monday, December 12, 2016


The white smoke spewing from the belly of the mountains, that must be the seething anger of the dispossesed whose decades-old efforts to till the land that have been rightfully and legally declared as theirs have been denied by the blessed few and powerful landlords.

Yes, they have been installed by the government but no, most of them still don't have access to their lands and declared trespassers if they try.

Yes, some of them have finally prevailed after 20 years but no, many are still locked out by the resistance and intimidation of the landed few whom the government seem to favor.

Yes, some support has been provided that can enhance their property rights but no, these are not enough for the 1,000 smallholder farmers.

That makes me mad and red as the steamed mud crab served for lunch. 

Where is Ka Paeng and the hope he kindled?

Where is the best breakfast served in the QC area because it certainly is not at Jonas who might have invented the pares but turned out average.

What is the best pansit served in Binondo as the chami I had for lunch at Delicious Restaurant turned out good but not enough to qualify for best, that is why I will be coming back for the bihon guisado

Back in Bacal 2, the frozen pork and cuchay dumplings from Dong Bei turned out mangled but still eatable, the Shanghai Fried Siopao certainly eclipsed that from Salazar Baker, Diao Eng Chay's chicken pies were too filling but quickly consumed, Riza's brownies were as amazing as narrated, and Nanay's Krispy Kreme Doughnouts is as crisped coming from the ref.

That we served for the boys' first breakfast together in a long while. 

And then a deluge of Christmas parties announced by two bottles of Alfonso I Platinum for Emperador Light drinkers on Friday followed by Saturday's strong dose of white Pisco brandy that's been sitting in a corner for some time and then Sunday's cowboy-themed events where sweet left-over wine was poured into plastic water bottles as the lechon for lunch got picked while I posed with a fellow cowboy-inspired Royal Patron.

Finally, the big dot on the week's series of Christmas parties as the Sunday drinking cascaded to a case of warm San Mig Lights in a chilly auditorium, and thank God that last one was cowboy-themed too so we don't have to change costumes.   


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