Tuesday, December 13, 2016


The thing about travelling is getting lost while exploring new routes and destinations ain't bad at all.

It's part of the learning curve and getting the feel how it works.

But it helps a lot if advance research is done so after settling down in my cavernous room at the Seri Pacific Hotel, I immediately consulted Google on where to eat in KL and how to get there.

That led us to Jalan Alor, with the confirmation of the Hotel Concierge who gave us the shortest train route possible, and a map to refer to just in case.  

Formerly a red light district, Jalan Alor is a swat of road with rows of plastic monoblock chairs and tables overflowing from the sidewalks and a host of yellow-shirted hawkers selling their menus to the horde that came for a taste of Malaysian street food.

Jalan Alor has been called the "cultural hearth of [KL's] local cuisine" and rightly so judging from the variety of food displayed in the menus although I say it's dominantly Chinese influenced.

It took a while to decide on our dinner before finally opting for satay which is basically Malay, spicy seashells which is more Chinese, and grilled sting ray as recommended by Shelley who I presume is more knowledgeable about the local street food cuisine having been in KL before.

That we washed down with three big bottles of Tiger Beer which unfortunately switched wide open my pee valve [as beer always do to me], and I must admit I can feel warm urine dripping down my legs as we made our way back to the hotel.

The marmite chicken will have to wait for another day.

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