Monday, August 15, 2016


Unless you're into old houses and churches, the main thing about Iloilo is the food.

That is as far as I am concerned and what I told Shelley and Airah as we cross the bumpy Visayan Sea to somewhat assuage the disappointment of coming to Bacolod's Calea too early.

But then in Iloilo, I thought that I had too many of those chicken inasals and batchoy so I went Korean at Arirang for a change, not bad, but not that good either.

In fact, the camote and banana cue plus the good conversation during our meeting with Ilonggo anti-coal activists is way above the aftertaste of Korean instant noodles that I thought it was.

But there was the saving grace of Tatoy's --- grilled fish and chicken, lato salad, steamed oysters, kinilaw --- although it will be a far second if compared to an earlier culinary experience at Diotay's Eatery in Bacolod.

There was of course that full course dinner in Miag-ao with Bulan --- lousy calamares and sisig at Blandina Sunrise, tasteless fried chicken at the Vineyard, a passable sushi at Sulu Japanese Restaurant, and more than good but not quite great local ice cream at Bambuko.

Breakfast was a bigger letdown the next day but then, food in a small university town is expected to be great in price but passable in taste.

Somewhat similar to the fare served at the Nueva Ecija Bowling Games: it's either flat or fair but designed to go well with cold beer just the same.

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