Tuesday, August 30, 2016


And so we invented fastfood.

I'm not a fastfood lover [except carinderia fare which to me is real food] and will never be.

But as a probinsiyano expatriated to Manila, I find affordable real food in the city to be mostly meat-based while fish and vegetables are not much and often more expensive.   

There is of course the pansit as an option.

But I can not leave by pansit every meal and everyday, so I was forced to finally enter the sleazy world of fastfoods and the crap they sell for food, at least for breakfast.  

May God forgive us for eating animals twice murdered [the burgers, slayed and then grounded] and grown under abnormal conditions [the growth-hormone pumped chicken, and even GMO-ed fries].

May my ancestors forgive me for eating crap even when I'm in the province for which I deserved to be EJK-ied [death by Bunda!].

And may our offsprings forgive us for all the emissions we have have made the world to suffer. 


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