Monday, June 27, 2016


Fact is I did not miss Bonn, fell asleep midway into the EiU campaign presentation, and amused myself with Caucasians telling us what ails the Philippine coconut industry.

I did finally broke the mystery of the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center and the Magallanes Station of the MRT. 

I walked long under the high afternoon sun to the bike I'm gonna buy, in Tondo, a short walk from Binondo. 

I should have bought more raffle tickets, or should have pretended to have bought and cheated to win the fat bike, and then we'll have four bikes, the folding bike to be bought in Binondo and the fat bike won in the raffle with AGT and LDQ, instead of me riding the motorbike while Bulan and Balong race on real bikes.   

Happy 18th birthday Bulan, may the bonsai we trimmed live forever, may you wear the sablai after three more years, and may the Dutch embassy deny my visa application so I can take you and Balong and Nanay to a weekend in Manila who I dreamed to be bike-friendly enough someday so I can ride my folding bike from Quezon City to Old Manila and back.   

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