Monday, July 04, 2016


I love the Rappler office, hearing what Ka Paeng will be doing in his first 100 days as DAR Secretary is inspiring, and it is a swell thing what my friend Voltaire and company are doing for the Philippine handicraft industry.

It was turning out to be a good week. 

And then great expectations fell though the pavement and broke the promise of the thing called BAOT, 

How can such a simple thing turn out to be so complicated, and how should I, with so may scars to prove that shit does happen, forget that shit indeed happens?

The shu-dot years and the rampaging Incredible Hulk, they are stirring and must be shut down, so I stormed out to 137 Panay Avenue for the rest of the day and the whole of Friday, to the joys of laboring for the Craft on Saturday, and to to the bike trails on Sunday, with the boys who now both drink coffee and together read stories with complicated plots.  

Last week was last week. 

All had been forgiven.

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