Monday, June 20, 2016


A hill overlooking a lake.

A pool spilling into the sky.

Not just another hill but a knoll of the mighty Sierra Madre.

Not just a lake but the basin of Laguna.

The longest mountain and the largest lake in one frame.

The spaces poked by physical form in the right places.

Wind, earth, and water in harmony. 

Great teams are built on respect and trust. 

Way beyond MBTIs, workshops, and consultants.

Earned, not demanded or freely given.

Without respect there is no trust.

Without trust there is no love.

Without love there is no team. 

Emails can never replace face-to-face conversations.

Systems will never overrule logic and reason.

Intellectual savvy can never surpass kindness and compassion.

And a team within a team will never be a team.

I've worked with great teams. 

Not sophisticated, never classy, but great.

I can compare, and I say I've seen better, and they have less.

It's not complicated really.

Three words: respect, trust, love.

Happy Fathers' Day everyone!

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