Monday, December 08, 2014


I hate red buses.

Especially double deckers with open tops and guides who speak like recorded voices.

Oh, I hate them all!

You are not allowed to get off, and you have to fight for space to get a photo that turns out to be crap most of the time.  

But the Man-with-the Green-Vest did not show up [or I did not see him] at the Parque Kennedy for the walking tour to Lima's Historic Center.

So I reluctantly got pulled to a 10-soles bus tour of the Miraflores District after the padre said "Amen" at the Parroquia La Virgen Milagrosa.

"Here are the ruins of the Huaca Pucllana!" announced the guide who gave us two minutes to gawk and photograph.

The bus whizzed by several churches and left their memories in crappy photos.

And then the Pacific Ocean and imitation Nazca lines and a monument to a kissing couple to an expensive  seafood restaurant jutting from the coast and a foggy panoramic view of what can be the Costa Verde to the glass buildings of upscale Larcomar.

Finally, redemption as the guide segued to a winding epilogue across pavements abandoned by a Peruvian national holiday into a late lunch of carnivore proportions.

Thank God for a salad bowl of avocado and whatever.

But I still hate red double deck tourist buses. 

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