Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Delta Flight 150 to Atlanta was delayed by 3 hours.

My Greenpeace friend with the infamous Nazca Lines stunt hanging on his head made it past immigration.

A lady in the Sky Priority check-in line at Lima's Jorge Chavez International Airport wondered if all the people queuing are business class passengers.

I have to run to Concourse A's Gate 12 of the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to catch Delta Flight 1091 to San Francisco.

I was late but the flight was delayed too so I ate fried chicken with chili beans for lunch.

A capped man leaned to pick the vegan bag where I stuffed my panama hat as I wait for my luggage at San Francisco International Airport's baggage carousel.

"That's mine," I said.

It was Oyet.

He who made a late night call to my hotel in Des Moines six years ago to tell me that a pot roast I did not order is on its way.

I finally made it to San Francisco.

I checked in at my bed-and-breakfast lodging at Treat Avenue then had three beers at his place in A. Capp Street while we waited for Jack. 

We had dinner at a Thai restaurant.

He ordered Pad Thai, Jack had chicken in green curry, I don't recall what I ordered.

We walked along a street that's not Mission and stopped to look at some drawings posted at a shop's display window.

It's raining and cold in San Francisco and I have not slept for the last 36 hours...    

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