Monday, December 01, 2014


But there could have been lots of it, the noodles, at Dad's World Buffet, like pots of pansit malabon and a pasta station, except that I came for the sashimi and the sushi while others queued for the comfort of regular Filipino cuisine.

The biking too which could have happened for three days after Monday, except that what I must do and leave behind outweighed the itch that is that church in Licab, and that of Nampicuan and Zaragoza, which will conclude Ariel Guieb Tangilig's quest in Districts 1 and 2.

The Coca Cola Foundation did bring Coke to a buffet of deep fried biya, an assortment of meat including the head of a roasted pig biting a can of Coke Zero, and a Coca Cola cake but no pansit or the Coca Cola version of it whatsoever.

In Balanga City, there was what looked like glass noodles garnishing a plate of cold cuts at at the Fortune Hongkong Seafood Restaurant, too unattractive perhaps as it remained untouched, uneaten, unappreciated unlike the Hototay Soup, garlic crabs, sweet and sour lapulapu, fried chicken, and the chop suey that it came with.

Then back at Dad's World Buffet, to its lonely pansit table and pasta station, and Bokyo's first encounter with gluttony...

...before the longest flight ever from Manila to Tokyo [4+2 hours] to Atlanta [12+2 hours] to Lima [6+2 hours] made bearable by John Favreau aka Carl Casper cooking spaghetti aglio e olio for his waitress mistress before losing his wit to a food critic, quitting his job, and discovering the seduction of a food truck and a Cuban sandwich [i.e. "Chef"]; the endless conversations between Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon as they explore glorious Italian cuisine including a pasta and ravioli scene [i.e. "The Trip to Italy]; and the travails of an Indian family of cooks and a Michelin-starred French chef, Manish Dayal aka Hassan falling in love with Charlotte Le Bon aka Marguerite, his two Michelin stars, and the pasta that must have been part of the menu [i.e. "The Hundred-Foot Journey"].     

Delta eventually served Japanese breakfast noodles but that was eclipsed by a can of Miller beer before Flight 151 finally descended into Lima.

El ciclista ha aterrizado!

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