Friday, December 09, 2011


Protest had never been so close in the UNFCCC.

And I have been to 5 intersessionals and a Conference of Parties before Durban.

So the UN police was taken by surprise when mostly yellow badgers (i.e. NGO delegates) staged a walk out and blocked part of the Albert Luthuli International Convention Center to get their message across.

I did received an invitation to join from a coordinator which I have to politely decline because of the protocol that binds me as a pink badger (i.e. party delegate) of the Philippine delegation.

I told them I will support them in other ways.

They were able to hold for a couple of hours before voluntarily leaving the premises.

Except for 2 who have to be carried out by the UN police.

What happened next was probably the longest ever last day in the history of the UNFCCC COP that stretched into a marathon 48 hours of negotiation which resulted into a somewhat disappointing outcome...

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