Thursday, December 01, 2011


South Africa's crime rate is the 5th highest in the world with 77 of every 1,000 of its citizens having been victimized by some sort of crime.

The security protocols reflect this situation with its advisories on not walking out alone, not taking a taxi from the street, not showing belongings, etcetera.

I was wary. Then scared. And finally frightened.

It got to me so much that I won't even smoke outside the grounds of our hotel and have to go home in the Oxfam bus at 8 pm every night. Those early morning walks and photography are definitely out. 

Then one day, all my contacts, folders and inbox vanished after sending an email to the UNFCCC secretariat .

And who is supposed to be me sent messages through my email account that I was in Madrid (which I wish I am), that I have been robbed (which I pray won't happen), and that I need money.

I was hacked, which may perhaps make me officially a number in the South Africa crime statistics.

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I'm sorry to hear about that. I received (distressed) an email from you and I sent you a message through facebook with the email content that came from your address.