Saturday, April 09, 2011


Uncle Sam asked William Tell to come to his place.

Old World and Down Under joined them.

Afterwards came the Emperor and the Czar.

Lots of hushed conversation. (Was that giggling or laughter?).

The 132 were asked to join. (Was that some dogs yelping?).

More hushed exchanges.

Flashing cameras meant something good is cooking.

There it was on the screen!

Almost done except for some more from Samba and Kamasutra.

Finally, "We have an agenda!" (Applause)

That's how the Big J and Ginebra San Miguel plotted and won its games.

In huddles.

FOOTNOTE: The photo immediately above shows the Adaptation negotiators of Team Philippines: (from left) Ateng Dinna Umengan, me, and Ateng Alice Ilaga. We are a tight knit Masonicaly related group with Kuya Usec. Fred Serrano, he who took this photo, as our bostsip. The photo processing is mine.

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