Monday, June 19, 2017

UP, UP and Away!

Don't go to SM when there's a sale.

I did, in QC and Cabanatuan City, and ended up with a gray Bobson V-neck shirt [less 50%], a Levi's 501 jeans [less 30%], two Spoofs t-shirts [buy one-take one]a gray Dickie's long sleeved shirt [70% off] and a black Men's Club long sleeved shirt [50% off].

I brought them all and went to Bangkok to wear them.

Did I get the best part of the deal or fell into the alluring trap of capitalist consumption economy?

I'm sure the stores won't sell for a lose so I've been had like many, and was therefore extremely agitated upon realizing how much those retailers are sucking from us on regular store days.

By then, I was already in Bangkok wearing my unwashed "bargain" clothes so I tried moving on from my being a sucker through my favorite Thai beers [the only Thai brands known to me] and dining somewhere [fried catfish and grilled pork neck at Charlie Brown's] other than the usual place, before going back to the usual place for the next three nights [papaya salad with grilled pork, two kinds of Thai salad, grilled and steamed ruby fish, two kinds of Thai soup, and some shells].

Derk said I was looking good and that perked me UP [must be the new clothes], and the Asia campaign finally got UP running [must be that Team dinner].

Chatrium is a great place but no matter how its greatness is, it becomes boring when you can forecast the breakfast buffet menu.

I thought I need to even things UP by levelling UP my acquaintance with both ends [from Naradhiwat Rajanagarindra Road to Sathu Pradit Road] of Naradhiwas Rajanakarindra 24 Alley, and that's where I met UP with an animal cafe, two vintage cars, a bicycle rickshaw, and a strip of a breakfast food street.

Amen [SMIB]!     

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