Monday, June 05, 2017

MANILA BY BIKE (Special Edition)

How do I kill a Sunday? Let me count the ways.
I'll ride to the height of the monument in Luneta

Watch a Dragon Boat vanish in Manila Bay
String the broken ends of the walls of Intramuros
Make love before Charles IV in Plaza de Roma
Break the quite of Fort Santiago and the mass at San Agustin
Love them bamboo bikes, light and spry rides for hire

I love the Pasig despite its fetidness and lifeless waters 
I love Binondo and all its peculiar smells and sights
I grieve for the lose of my childhood's Escolta

I'll ride to those who were lost forever
Them heroes and famous people in cold fancy tombs
Presidents, Katipuneros, Masons, Artists, Colonizers
In Cementerio del Norte they all lay dead.  

--- With profound apologies to ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNING

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