Monday, February 13, 2017


"0" for Oxfam in Myanmar at 
34 Aung Taw Mu Lane corner Govel Hill Avenue Road
Golden Valley Bahan Township, Yangon

where I took my shoes off, wore a sash, waved, and had a meeting with a Caucasian, an Asian-Caucasian, and an Asian. 

But was that at Hotel M instead at
29 KanBawZa Avenue Street
Buhan Township, Yangon

where we broke bread and documents with a Filipina and a Myanmarese and came up an agreement?

Or perhaps at Changi Airport at
Airport Boulevard in Singapore

2,995 kilometers from Yangon
2,378 kilometers to Manila

Kilometer Zero for SQ flights
where I finally caught up with a Hong Konger and Task 3 of a work plan. 

Finally Kilometer 0

at Willy's Place 
in one of the Abars of San Jose City
with an all-Novo Ecijano cast

where the Prophet autographed his books
after Kilometer 0 in CLSU
and a sojourn to the memories of Capintalan. 

Kilometer 0 in Ground 0

where it all began
where Balong came face-to-face with a Mad Hatter
perhaps thinking "what is so with my Ninong"?

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