Wednesday, February 08, 2017

19TH grub STREET

It seems that in every country there is a Chinatown.

And that in every Chinatown there is a street.

But not every country or Chinatown has a Rhea Catada.

And not all streets is like Yangon's 19th Street.

On my first day in Yangon, the Miss Philippines of Oxfam-in-Myanmar took me to Downtown's 19th Street in the heart of the city's Chinatown, through the less busy side where the taxi dropped us, passing between rows of archaic colonial buildings with gaping art deco windows, seguing from locals quietly sipping tea in the sidewalk to the welcome gastronomic chaos of people, food and cold Myanmar beer as we approached the Chinatown side.    

19th Street is barbecue strip so we loaded our basket with skewers of century egg, squid, chicken liver, pork ribs, boneless chicken feet, vegetables wrapped in a salmon strip, and okra that were washed down with a quick succession of Myanmar beer and good conversation.

Rhea said I should try the red and yellow thing which turned to be a medley of boiled peanuts and corn kernels, chopped onion and tomato, crisp-fried anchovies, and a dollop of chilli paste dressed in a mysterious blend of condiments.

And it is indeed as good as the deserved fame of 19th Street! 

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