Saturday, July 23, 2016


We invented bananas.

These are endemic to Southeast Asia until marauding conquerors brought it to Asia Minor, and from there colonizers brought it to Africa, and then to the Caribbean by slave traders. 

That is why you can take way my dog, even my beer, but not my bananas. 

Africans and Asians first drank beer in Egypt and Mesopotamia before the Romans brought it to Europe where the Germans introduced the hops.

Asians also invented pasta, in China, which Marco Polo imported to Italy.  

China's roasted pig is said to be the origin of the barbecue, but the word which eventually denoted "slow cooking over fire" was from the Caribbean, where the bananas from Asia propagated and expanded into the "New World". 

I love our bananas, it's the whole basis of my Theory of Change, and dark beer too, invented by the English, which to me is liquid and foamy banana. 

The banana almost lost on Day 3 but bounced back strongly on Day 4.

And to that we offer an offering of white beer, dark beer, and wine --- an invention of the Georgians, Iranians, Armenians, and the Greeks --- in the altar of continuing friendship and solidarity.

But man cannot live by bananas and beer alone, so I marauded for rice that of course came from Asia [China], served with a platter of lamb tikka that of course was invented by Asians (Indians and Pakistanis], and a bottle of Indian beer that must have been inspired by the British. 

Summer has descended on The Hague, where the bananas and beer crossed...  

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