Sunday, May 11, 2014


FORMAL DINNER PANSIT: A lonely tray of pansit canton in Kuya Jay's inaugural dinner menu helplessly overwhelmed by the gastronomic expectations of roasting calf and pig.

[TRIVIA 1: Find the pansit in the photo.]

BREAKFAST PANSIT: A heaping bowl of sotanghon guisado as the centerpiece of Kuya Fitz's magnificent breakfast spread proudly towering above plates of ham, meatloaf, hotdog, eggs, siomai, and fried rice.

[TRIVIA 2: Read Trivia 1.] 

BRUNCH PANSIT: Plates of freshly cooked canton-bihon combo from Kuya Froi superbly complemented with the ever present breakfast meatloaf and omelette, the welcome tinapa, and a surprise bowl of chicharong baboy.

[TRIVIA 3: Read Trivia 2.]

AND THEN THE CHURCH, after a hurried breakfast of oven-fresh pandesal liberally spiked with Chiz-Wiz squeezed from a sachet and washed down with fridge-cold Gatorade during an early morning bike stop in Llanera, and before an almost agonizing bike trip back to Munoz via Talavera.  

TRIVIA ANSWERS: [T1] Wala, dahil hindi pa naise-serve, [T2] hanapin na lang kung alin sa nakahain ang mukhang pansit, [T3] nasa mga plato, o nakain na kung wala na dun.

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