Thursday, February 07, 2013


Wikipedia says that the lyrics of this Maroon 5 dance pop hit "refer to a male's ability to impress a female with his dance moves which [Maroon 5] compares to those of Mick Jagger" of the legendary Rolling Stones. 

Is that it?

You gyrate like a zombie with an eternal itch in the balls and hordes of adoring females will throw their panties at you?

But although I find Mick Jagger's appeal to be not to my standards of a Casanova, he is a rock star and he's got a belt of pussy conquests to prove that.

My boss is also some kind of a rock star in our world of brown stones versus deep greens.

And I am of unshakeable belief that he moves like Jagger although in a sustainable way and swagger.

What remains to be seen is if he's got that belt too.

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