Monday, January 28, 2013


Rerouted traffic and higher tricycle rates are reliable omens of a fiesta celebration in progress.

But a fully armed battle-dressed police contingent in the church yard is something else.

Perhaps it might be explained by the more-than-usual number of priests in their not so holy duty of honor guards waiting for some big shot's arrival.

Will that be that lengthy procession snaking from the street?

Or yeah, the select mitered bishops emanating from the side entrances!

And surely the aging elite Princes of the Church in their ornate imminence!

I gave way to a lady in black who complained I was blocking her just as some knights raised their swords in salute.

And made my way to the choir loft courtesy of a reluctant permission from an edgy seminarian as the rites of the high mass began.

My luck of stumbling-into-surprise-photo-ops still holds.

So let's sing and drink to that said a colleague as Aksiyon Klima wraps up its Casa San Pablo retreat.

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