Thursday, February 14, 2013


First there was Google who provided 3 hits:

Axis Global Technologies along 20 North Road corner 3rd Avenue in Cubao


Servimax at 2/F Unit G of Commercial Plaza along Gilmore Avenue in New Manila.

But netizens advised that Axis caters mostly to company clients...

...and gave a mixed review on Servimax.

So I opted for Red Dot Philippines somewhere along Dasmarinas corner Quintin Paredes Streets in Binondo.

I like the name.

Besides, I heard it before from longtime Olympus user Usec. Fred Serrano.

Unfortunately, the map I used to find Red Dot seems to be outdated.

So I ended up chasing streets with new names, getting squeezed in traffic along Claro M. Recto avenue, missing a corner turn on Reina Regente and ending up running over a huge concrete slab in Divisoria, before finally squeezing into a parking lot somewhere in Binondo.

The good side is I was able to reshoot San Beda Church during one of those unintended street turns.

Red Dot is just around the Binondo Church but I have to pass that (including Quiapo's church) as the glue is still fresh on my re-attached (and taped) camera button.

I like their service too...

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tori fernando said...

Hi, may I just ask if you called them first or went at their office right away for your camera repair? I've been trying to contact them but I couldn't get hold of anyone. Thanks in advance!