Saturday, November 24, 2012


I came a day too early, sleepless and 5 hours behind Manila time.

I checked in, got introduced to my cavernous room, sorted my luggage, locked the safe, and went walking in the same clothes I flew in to where my feet would take me.

I stayed with a group of Filipinos fishing at the waterfront of the Al-Corniche until they finally caught a small silvery fish with a swordfish snout.

I saw a swarm of pigeons and decided they would make a nice photo shoot.

I went inside an entrance and got introduced to Souq Waqif by a symphony of spices wafting from displayed sacks and boxes.

I walked on, clicked some more, crossed the street, and came across 2 Filipino stores crewed by South Asians.

I went back to refresh in my hotel then killed the afternoon feeling the shuttle service to the Qatar National Convention Center, registered and got my pink badge, late lunched on a cold tuna sandwich and a bottle of fruit juice blend, went back to the hotel and started working on my annual work plan for the office, then dined on grilled chicken with fries and Indian bread.

I slept early and well but woke up at 1 am.

Today starts the prologue to the big event.

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