Friday, February 10, 2012


No internet, no mobile phone signal.

Only the welcome peace of Camp Alfredo, good all-Filipino food (tinolang manok bisaya, suman at manga, balingoy at buko, adobadong manok at baboy, pinoy salad, daing at longganisa) and great company of colleagues from Aksiyon Klima.

And the zip line which I tried for the first time, and the hanging bridge for the second time (the first was a long, long time ago on the way to a Kasibu logging camp), and rappelling which is another first.

I got to reshoot the Trappist Monastery but as in the first time, the lousy weather ruined the day. I did have Abbey Road (during a quick nicotine fix outside the monastery grounds) and Monk (with Wendy and Pangging at the entrance of the monastery church) below flickred.

I love Guimaras...

PHOTO CREDIT: The first 3 photos were taken by Mark Cervantes of the IIRR.

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