Friday, June 10, 2011


I am in Bonn.

I live in a hotel called Haus Berlin along a street called Rheinalee in a district called Bad Godesberg.

I walk everyday.

I leave at 8 am to to the Otto-Kuhne Shule and at 10 pm from the Bad Godesberg Bahnhof on the way back.

That's where I am now: a posh spa district named after a hill where a castle once stood in what then became West Germany's Embassy row.

That's what I do now: walk a lot with my briefcase in wheels to late lunches and dinners and open-ended meetings.

FOOTNOTE: Woudenesberg (now Bad Godesberg) was already existing as far back as 722 AD. The ruins of what is now known as Godesberg Castle (top photo) was built in 1210 on top of a hill with the same name. Down the castle is old St. Michael's Chapel (second photo) that was also built in the same year. Further down is the old Castle Cemetery (third photo) that was first used in 1805. And further down is the 19th century neo-Gothic St. Mary's Church (last photo) that now serve the parish of Godesberg. "Bad" was added to Godesberg in 1925 and means "spa".  

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