Sunday, January 09, 2011


I felt so awkward when the unexpected plaque was presented I can only blurt "Maraming salamat po" when Kuya Ramon asked me to speak.

But after things have settled down and reflecting on such humbling moment, may I just spit out what I could have said:

"May I first express my gratitude to Kuya Boy who rightly or wrongly deemed me deserving of such a recognition. But it would be presumptuous for me to receive this distinction since there are far more better men than I am in the Lodge. May I then accept this plaque in behalf of the brethren of Model Lodge No. 373 whose companionship I cherish, whose devotion to the craft continue to inspire me, whose unselfishness made things easy, and who are far more outstanding masons than I am."  

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Shubert, Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

How does one become a Mason or how do you join a lodge? Mukhang maganda ang brotherhood sa masonry.