Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I now fall sleep just sitting on a chair. I had an inflamed prostate induced by renal problems not so long ago. I would rather stay home than travel (which I use to enjoy) and going to the office (which I use to prefer). I don't flirt as much as I do.

So this must be the life that begins at 40.

There are other things too like babysitting Balong while he waits for the school bus. It's a joy watching him grow from baby toys to reciting "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to sketching while supervising his bath, feeding the dogs, and washing the dishes.   

But wife did cook pansit even if it's early morning. There was the cake too which we had for breakfast the next day because I was late coming home from my usual birthday bash. The sopas prepared by my staff ignited a poignant recollection of the patanims and padasals.

And yes, there was Facebook and the tons of greetings even from acquaintances (and strangers) which I have not heard for some time. I particularly like the gift below FB-ied by my boss.

Thank you for a good year and here's wishing a better one for everybody!  

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