Monday, June 07, 2010


What if I accepted that offer to be Noy-Mar’s campaign coordinator in Nueva Ecija?

What if I waited 1 more hour at Rustica’s, submitted that media campaign plan, and took that leave of absence so I can work for Manny Villar?

What if I had convened that network of political operators for Erap?

Then maybe I will be joining that queue at Times Street and submitting a resume for perhaps a government consultancy job. (I’ll take an appointment to the Land Bank of the Philippines’ Board of Directors, or anything that will allow me to travel free.)

Or earned a measly P17,000.00 per month and lost with Manny Villar. (I could have done the job without taking a leave from my work but that attorney something is an A and they lost dahil kinapos naman talaga sila sa diskarte.)

Or had become tired and poorer but can claim having delivered Nueva Ecija to Erap thereby enhancing my resume as an electoral operator. (I did pushed a little for Erap as an atonement to our grassroot partners --- I’m not sure if they have forgiven me for the sin of helping bring down their president --- and gave one mighty shove for Doc Lito Galapon’s Jejomar who would be president someday.)

So P-Noy is now president. Manny Villar and Erap lost. I voted for Nicky Perlas. And our Binay project won big.   

With 3 weeks to go before becoming president, I offer a peace offering of pansit and some to P-Noy and the space to prove himself along with the prayer that I was wrong about him…

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