Sunday, June 27, 2010


“Nothing to Declare” is an exhibit of contemporary art tentatively scheduled to be held in Manila on October 25-November 25 this year and hopefully in other countries too in the succeeding years.

So what have I to do with a contemporary art exhibit?

We are trying to sell the travelling Lagalag Notebooks to be part of the exhibit to the project curator herself, Dr. Flaudette May Datuin of the University of the Philippines. Yes, she is the Ate of CLSU’s Datuin brothers.

What do the notebooks got to do with it?

First, because the Lagalag notebooks are works of art created by photographers who are all contemporary artists in their own rights. Second, the art exhibit will explore movements “across waters, land, and air…” which the notebooks did, and discourse on migration in general which the notebooks are all about.

Any chance?

May Datuin was excited with the idea. Willy Pascual promised to submit a proposal. Jobarracuda was designated as the point-person in Manila. Me? I’ll just glide in and out whenever I feel like doing so.

Meanwhile, we got to get the notebooks from The Dafinator for a final turnover.

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