Thursday, July 05, 2007


First Try

It was the month of the first rain when Kimat T. Amianan left Hogwarts. Among the few precious items in his meager luggage is a parchment proclaiming him a wizard. His mind still throbbed from 3 days of a just concluded challenge to prove that he is indeed one. Soon the mushrooms will sprout, but he is still unemployed.

Well, almost unemployed. Kimat T. Amianan still has that scribing work with his friend EBAK. But it does not pay much. He needs another job.

Perhaps he can teach a few tricks in potions and incantations at the school near where the great general died. A big guy (the umpire who was ganged up by the Big J and company) looked over Kimat T. Aminan’s credentials and was impressed. He was told to come back. He did and was promptly dismissed by a dark spirit in a white habit.

Second Try

Kimat T. Amianan heard from somebody that a sect of Prophets and Dreamers are looking for apprentices. He was told that although the color of their skin is green, their blood and heart and brain is deep red. He presented himself nevertheless and was sent to a corner to conjure a set of mysteries. He was uncomfortable. There is something in the senior apprentice he supposed was sent to keep an eye on him. It happened a few years back. In the forbidden land of the Kabayong Bakal.

He was the guardian of Lady Barnacle’s castle!

A few days later, the Prophets and Dreamers called him for an interview. There were four of them: a dark Jedi with a beautiful nose, a prophet with clearly defined lines running down his cheeks giving him a perpetual smile, a witchy twitchy expressionless petite lady, and a bellicose hobbit who he presumed to be the most powerful of them all.

Puede bang gawing kendi ang talong?,” that’s him with the beautiful nose.

Pag bibigyan ka ng pagkakataon na maging hayup, ano ang gusto mong maging?,” added smiley.

Anong pangyayari sa buhay mo ang hindi mo kailanman makakalimutan?,” butted the lady.

On the 19th of July almost a decade and a half ago, Kimat T. Amianan was officially incorporated by the Prophets and Dreamers. He was assigned to FT 1 where --- together with an almost priest, a nun once, Lady K, a Norton Utilities addict, and Bad Boy L --- he practiced the art of catching dreams and chasing prophecies.

Those days were almost ethereal. The pay day (or any other day) beinte-beinte is legendary. Chess games were to die for. Tong-its dragged well into the wee hours of early morning. One day, he woke up with Bertong Langis as his name…

Profile: The church of Iriga City, Camarines Sur

The first church was burned in 1585. The second church was damaged by a typhoon and destroyed by fire. The third church, constructed in 1727, was also burned in 1841. The present church, together with the two belfries, was constructed shortly afterwards (Philippine Historical Committee, 1939).

PHOTOS EXPLAINED (top to bottom): (1) now Assistant Director Joey Gloria on the left engrossed in what used to be the national past time; (2) a typical general staff meeting of the Nueva Ecija Branch; (3) the pay day beinte-beinte concert where everybody must render a cultural performance; (4) our regular team building; (5) MPP’s farewell before being deployed to Ifugao; (6) a Branch presentation when anniversary celebrations were really anniversary celebrations; (7) the legendary Nueva Ecija Green Warriors; and (8) the church of Iriga City in Camarines Sur.

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