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If he had his way, Kimat T. Amianan would rather be a scribe. He had this gift for cooking up words and phrases. This he learned from Vampires of Almaguer who often asked him to conjure notes for their ladies, and from the wizards of the Bambang School of Sorcery. This was a long time ago when he came by another name and before escaping to Hogwarts.

He never thought about this in Hogwarts until the day the an-annong has taken over him. Against his will, his feet started walking him to a house of midgets across the agora near the sunken garden and the temple of the crucified one. There, a quill appeared in his hand that began furiously scribbling on a parchment. When it was all over and the an-annong has left him, the chief midget came and solemnly said: “You are now one of us”. And so it was that Kimat T. Amianan joined the scribes of Hogwarts.

Some years later, he crossed path with the baby-who-was-born-with-a-string-in-his-hand. From him, Kimat T. Amianan learned about the runaway boy who kept coming back, Rizal and legend of the 3 Cs, and the magical world of poetry.

But in Hogwarts, either one is a warrior or a scribe. When Kimat T. Amianan tried to be both, the Gods of Hogwarts descended on him and condemned him unworthy. But like the Phoenix, he will rise back from ashes…

(To be continued…)

Profile: The Church of Cavinti, Laguna

Cavinti was first established as a Franciscan visita of Lumbang in 1691. Two years later, Fr. Pedro de San Martin (OFM) built the first stone parochial buildings that were damaged during the 1639 Chinese uprising. These were probably rebuilt or restored and in 1822, the bell tower was added. The parochial buildings suffered severe damages during the 1824 earthquake and were replaced by a new structure --- the present church --- in 1834 by Fr. Manuel Benitez (OFM). The church again suffered damages during the 1880 and 1937 earthquakes that were subsequently repaired.

END NOTE: Hogwarts is the magical school of sorcery in J.K. Rowlings’ Harry Potter series. All other persons and places citedare based on facts but are my own fictitious characters.

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