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He has been told by the elders: “Don’t ever go where the Kabayong Bakal graze”.

This is a top rule that the Tribe of Lam-ang: Dagiti Natutured, Nalalaeng, Nabibileg, Nasisiglat should keep in mind and obey. The Triskelion Knights rule that part of Hogwarts and they are their ancient and bitter enemy. But the allure of Lady Barnacle is too much for Kimat T. Amianan to resist and he would many times traverse that rule, hidden by the archangel’s invincibility potion and protected by a magic dagger.

Kimat T. Amianan is the top general of the Tribe of Lam-ang: Dagiti Natutured, Nalalaeng, Nabibileg, Nasisiglat warriors. That makes his head a prime trophy for the enemy. That did not worry him though as well as the fact that Lady Barnacle’s castle is within where the Kabayong Bakal graze. What matters are the moments of blissful ecstasy in Lady Barnacle’s bosom when the moon sings like Lucy-in-the- Skies-With-Diamonds and the trees dance the Bohemian Rhapsody. Then it happened…

It was the feast of the Wizards of Hogwart when Lady Barnacle sighed her perfumed breath to the wind to summon Kimat T. Amianan who became so magically enamored that he did not notice the signs: the moonless sky, the falling leaves, and the footprints he left behind. The shadows came like whispers and it was too late when he found out. He was already surrounded by the Triskelion Knights and their cousins.

He fought like the Spartans at Thermopylae but there were hundreds of them. The last images he saw were three winged figures that suddenly appeared among the shadows, held back the stunned murderous throng, and made way for him until he reached the gates out from where the Kabayong Bakal graze. Until now, he swears that they look like the Keepers of the Treasure…

(To be continued…)

Profile: Church of San Juan Bautista in Angat, Bulacan

Angat was established in 1663. Fr. Juan Morelos (OSA) started work on the first parochial buildings in 1684. Fr. Gregorio Giner (OSA) initiated building what could be the present church from 1753 to 1773. Fr. Joaquin Calvo (OSA) finished this in 1802 and also initiated building the bell tower. Fr. Ignacio Manzanares (OSA) had the church and convent restored in 1866 after being damaged by the 1863 earthquake. Fr. Manuel Blanco once served in the church and the lush vegetation of Angat inspired him to write the epic Flora de Filipnas. The church had just been faithfully restored and it looks much like the original building.

END NOTE: Hogwarts is the magical school of sorcery in J.K. Rowlings’ Harry Potter series. All other persons and places cited --- except the Spartans at Thermopylae --- are based on facts but are my own fictitious characters.

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The patron saint of Angat church is Sta. Monica mother of St. Augustine de Hippo