Monday, April 03, 2017


But unlike Lord Voldermort who killed people to get his seven other lives, I got my three lives after being slain by the Three Ruffians while dramatizing the murder of Hiram Abiff 8 years ago.

On April Fool's Day, the second of those horcruxes was pinned above my heart in remembrance of my days as an RP [Royal Porter, Royal Photographer, Royal Pagador whatever the case may be].

That was more than two years after receiving my first horcrux from the Men-Who-Wear-Aprons after serving time in the East, and two years before having the third and last one from Men-With-Funny-Hats should the Great Architect of the Universe permit so.   

I actually have a fourth horcrux but I'm not telling on that.




Okey, the fourth is actually halved into two for my protection and you won't be getting anymore information except that one is hidden in Panay Avenue while the other stays with me in Bacal 2. 

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