Monday, January 09, 2017


I love sem breaks.

It means Bulan going home and we having a "slave' for a month [although Balong feels that he is being slaved too when his Kuya is in the house].

More than that is the happy sound of having a full family: ribs and cookies baking in the oven, dishes getting washed every now and then, a fully seated dining table, and more laundry to wash.

That also mean riding the bikes again, exploring familiar trails, drinking the musky air of rice fields being prepared for planting, and just enjoying the moment of being one of the boys again.  

But good things don't last as I reported back for work in Manila in the middle of the week where everyday business-as-usual was happily broken by the usual early morning bike ride that got me to an empanada stall along West Avenue and ultimately to a tapsilog breakfast at Rufu's Famous Tapa that turned out more of a pares than what it claims to be.   

Then Sunday came. 

Bulan's flight to Iloilo has been booked, the calamansi concentrate from Baguio and boneless bagoong from Munoz has been packed in his brand new luggage, the silvanas from Eriels were hardening in the freezer for the long trip to Miag-ao, and we had our last meal of the sem break together.

The cheese and garlic pizza at Dong Juan is okey except for Bulan's issue on the biscuit dough, while we both agree that Homer's isaw lacks the smokey flavor and crunch of being charcoal grilled.

And yeah, Chizmozza's fried mozzarella and Uncle Cheffy's blue berry cheesecake are forgettable...     

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