Monday, January 23, 2017


January the 16th, 

     which is 3 days after Friday the 13th

     took 2 days for the catfish to fry really deep
     and the spice of the pork salad to cut into the meat
     the day I was served beer for a welcome drink.

January the 17th,

     which is the day before Wednesday the 18th
     all the space and chairs taken at Cheap Charlie's
     as the Morning Glory fed on pellets of fish and beef
     while Jack chased Johnny at 11 Sukhumvit. 

January the 18th,

     99 frogs checked in with Kermit and the girl band
     a fancy tea pouch declaimed tidings during breakfast 
     two beer bottles quenched a dry grilled chicken half
     a cake left on the table and a birthday card on the wall. 

January the 19th,

     officially 47 but where is the Patis from Tesco Lotus
     will the grilled Ruby Fish escape from the streets of Silom
     as the Center of Siam is Discovered at a Paragon
     where Tom Cruise greet the curious to his waxed home.   

The 19th unfolded into the 20th 
ribsilog for breakfast, fried tilapia for dinner

The 20th emptied into the 21st
pinakbet for lunch, kaldereta for pulutan

The 21st segued into the 22nd
the day Balong and I pedalled our way to Curva...    

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