Saturday, November 12, 2016


ASSUMPTION: Morocco is in Africa and is therefore hot.

FACT: Morocco is in NORTHERN AFRICA with an Atlantic coastline, host to the highest snow capped peaks of the Atlas mountain range, in close proximity with Europe, and therefore with European-like weather in November.

TRANSLATION: Cold, almost freezing on early mornings and at night, and I did not bring warm clothing.

That I got to live with, which I barely did in Bab Ighli's impromptu Centre de la Conference de la COP 22, in between huddles, delegation meetings, and side events.

COP 22 is my 6th, Marrakesh is my second in Africa, and North Africa is my third in the region after Benin in the western part and Durban in the southern tip.     

I am liking Moroccan cuisine and perhaps I can ride a bike too!

I was designated as Lead Negotiator for the first time and ASEAN is finally engaging as a regional bloc.

I think I have made peace with You-Know-Who but still do the night shift although huddles don't excite me anymore.

I am working hard as I am being fired from my job.

It is turning out to be a cold and boring COP but overall, I'm cool and looking good.

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