Monday, February 22, 2016


In Davao

brain cells warped as heads collided and fused during heady conversations on moving investments to small agriculture producers

hormones boil in heavy workshops on enabling and ensuring property ownership

non-English speaking rice eaters groped for the rights words to say on rice campaigning 

and the last remaining strands of will power were drawn deep as the GROW session limped to the conclusion of a gruelling 6-day face-to-face meeting.

In Davao

tuna balls cracked, tuna roe melted, tuna belly wiggled, tuna tail wagged, tuna jaw locked

the Red Horse outran the Pale Pilsen and the paler SML

ABBA belted "I Will Survive" with Phil Collins in the second and the Spice Girls on the third

and connived with the durian in the name of insane sanity

In Davao

pansit was served with blue rice after agri-invest and before land rights

and fried for lunch after the rice meeting and before the GROW huddle      

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