Tuesday, December 29, 2015



It took 22 years for me to realize that the towns of San Leonardo, General Tinio, Penaranda and the city of Gapan are not actually in District 3 but District 4.

That in fact, the only missing link to complete my biking diary of District 3 is the Church of St. Rose of Lima in, of course, Sta. Rosa town.

But I finally did District 3, and more, stopping briefly at Fr. Danny Cipriano's former church in Sta. Rosa for the mandatory "proof of biking", to San Leonardo and a roll of haunted NTI memories, to Penaranda and some of my naughty episodes, and to Gapan and a bowl of goto the way Msgr. Felipe Dayao would have served it.

That and General Tinio where we once trekked on cattle trails during the days of the National Stockfarm Campaign gave me and my biking buddies District 3, and reduced the last of unbiked Nueva Ecija towns to just three --- Jaen, Cabiao, and San Isidro in District 4.

But they too will be gotten someday...   

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