Monday, September 07, 2015


Superman imbibed too much bottled green kryptonite and his nose bled from a steady assault of global EJ and Asian GROW jargon.

Overnight, he sounded like Rod Stewart and pangs of chill announced a possible meltdown for the Man of Steel.

Superman is down and must have Time Off, In Lieu of.

So he went riding his Superbike for a high of fresh kryptonite air blowing across green fields of rice, 
over half-paved roads on a sunny Wednesday and through puddles of rainwater on a balmy Thursday.

He went to church too on a downcast Friday, scoring 20 kph across 47 kms, to pray for a blessing of Holy Kryptonite and finally check Nampicuan in his biking diary.   

Then bloody Saturday, which turned out so because of an errand from Supergirl that was an hour too early, but later proved worth the bike-less day as long delayed brown kryptonite trophies were finally handed. 

And finally an indecisive Sunday, a reluctant ball game with the Justice League, escape on a borrowed blue kryptonite bike, and another church for more Holy Kryptonite.

He was able to get some head shoots too, 9 of 10 in fact, and was finally healed by an incense of burning kryptonite from blazing guns...

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