Monday, September 14, 2015


It's either road riding bores Komrad Bong or Nampicuan is too far.

So I turned to Kuya Darwin, hired a tricycle to Guimba, and scratched the year-long itch of biking to Nampicuan.

I next posted in Facebook and wished for Zaragoza.

Kuya Darwin accepted the challenge.

And that's how Nueva Ecija's District 1 was conquered. 

The dream is to ride to all the main churches of Nueva Ecija's 27 municipalities and 5 cities across it's four legislative districts.

District 2, being in my backyard, was earlier conquered unnoticed.

Only Sta. Rosa remains for District 3.

And two more rides will deliver District 4.   

Balong too earned his first mountain biking stripe as he learned to start and keep his balance. 


That's in CLSU where I first taught him to ride a semi-BMX bike a long time ago.

Which never happened again until this week.

The map above show Balong's first mountain biking route.

The short thick red line is the grounds of the University Library where he tamed Lupo Domingo Quilban.


College Boy's bike and riding gears are in good capable hands... 


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