Monday, August 24, 2015


Yogyakarta was not easy.

I've got to bring something there, which took almost two months to prepare, including trips to Davao and Guiuan and Bantayan, and a slew of email exchanges. 

That in itself deserved a P600 dinner at Victorino's and a trail ride on a typhoon-ed Friday.

A day before, I dropped by a gathering of once and current as they agreed on a 22nd meet-up instead of the 29th so I can come, went beyond my supposedly iron-clad rule of having only a couple of beers at most, and forgot that what I actually have in Panay is an old pair of Caterpillars with broken soles.

That's how I got to the Changi Airport, on old leather work shoes, where I cashed my complimentary $20 voucher for a box of tea and chocolate, and lunched on a chicken-and-mushroom bowl of noodles washed by a bottle of Tiger Beer despite my craving for roasted Chinese duck.  

That's how I got to Yogyakarta, on old leather shoes and a stale beer breath, to meet seasoned international campaigners, and perhaps induct myself to becoming one of them.

I'm back in Indonesia after 12 years and that deserves a glass of San Miguel Beer in a Heineken mug after the bar run out of Bintang, and made Derk and Dini very happy.

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