Sunday, August 30, 2015


Now it can be told.

Superman, cleverly disguised as a Kryptonite, is actually an Indonesian from Yogyakarta.

He was born and raised in a place called Kraton Ratu Boko [note the "K"!] not in Louisville as those Superman movies would like us to believe.

His grandfather is actually King Boko, who was killed by Prince Bandung Bondowoso, who eventually proposed marriage to Princess Loro Jonggrang who is King Boko's daughter and Superman's mother, who of course rejected the prince, who then turned the princess into a stone.

That is why Superman is a man of steel, because he was born from a mother of stone.

How was I able to say that? Here's my proof:

And every afternoon, the descendants of Superman converge on the gate of Ratu Boko, in the guise of watching the spectacular sunset, but with the true intention of absorbing the power of kryptonite [i.e. golden rays of the sun] that bounce from the ancient walls.

Here's my proof of that:

What they do not know is the real power emanate from green kryptonite bottles, known to only a few, including me. 

The rays of the sun are superficial compared to the energy of the green bottles whose mere presence, like the Dementors of Azkaban, can turn glasses [i.e. beer mugs] into ice.

It gave me intelligence to be able to understand why Superman and his descendants should fight for and protect Article 69, for the good of the people, whom they are sworn to protect, and unlock the mystery why King Solomon fell in love with the Ethiopian Queen of Sheba.

It gave me power over matter so that I was able to reduce the size of a road bike, fit it in my luggage, and bring it home.

I have that power, because I too is a direct descendant of Superman, and here's my proof:

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Rashmini de Silva said...

Beautifully written, enjoyed every bit of it.